This morning we were called to a house in Emsworth, near Havant, where the heating had stopped working due to a boiler breakdown.

We sent an engineer (Matthew) within the hour.  His first job was to ensure that there was power to the boiler. There was no power, and that was traced to the fuse that protects the boiler and system. He replaced the fuse, and the heating programmer came on, but there were no lights on the boiler, implying that the problem was with the boiler’s printed circuit board.

It turned out that the board had overheated and was very badly damaged. Matthew phoned our office, who immediately called around to see if there was a replacement board in stock locally. In fact, one was available at a supplier in Havant – very convenient, so we went straight there and collected it.

It was fitted within the hour, the boiler was tested and all left working.

We cannot promise to fix every breakdown so quickly, but we’ll always try. In this case, the boiler was covered by our Response Maintenance contract so there was no charge.


A prompt response to boiler breakdown - Taskforce Heating and Plumbing, Emsworth near Havant in Hampshire

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