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Boilers eventually reach the end of their economic lives

Parts may be no longer available (although we are often able to obtain parts that others cannot); the boiler may become too expensive to maintain or it may become inefficient to run. So boilers eventually wear out and need to be replaced.

But always bear in mind that we are particularly good at finding parts for old boilers, and have been around long enough (perhaps a sign of Matthews age!) to be experienced with older boiler and system problems. So, we’ll always repair instead of replacing if it makes sense.

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new gas boiler installation

When your boiler has reached the end of it’s life (and we can help you determine when this is) ask us to give you our unbiased advice on which boiler to fit. In some cases, this will involve changing the system. For example, many people now fit combination boilers to replace their previous boiler, cylinder and header tanks arrangement. But one solution does not fit all. In some cases the best solution may be to fit an unvented (‘Megaflow type’) cylinder in combination with a new Regular boiler. And in some cases, the present system, updated and more efficient, is still the best solution.

We have vast experience of all types of system so tap into our expertise – call us and we will discuss the options and the benefits of each.

It is also important to choose the right products. How reliable is the manufacturer? How good are particular products? How long is the warranty? (We can get longer warranties from some manufacturers than their standard warranty). Again, talk this through with us. We have no ties to any particular manufacturer and can therefore give unbiased advice. Just one thing is certain, however. Don’t fit a cheap boiler – you may well live to regret it!

We fit about 50 boilers per year, so benefit from our knowledge and talk to us before making any decisions.

We deal with many manufacturers….

What our clients say …

TaskForce Heating Plumbing

Nice to have hot water

“… a big thank you for the new boiler. Nice to have hot water ‘on tap’ again so to speak! “

Mr B, Purbrook

Thanks for the good service

“Thanks for the good service. I have already recommended you to others needing your services.”

Mr J, Bedhampton

Continued help and support

“Thanks for your continued help and support.”

Mrs C, Emsworth

The engineer was fantastic

“I just wanted to say that the engineer was fantastic and we will happily reuse your services.”

Mr M,  Waterlooville

I’m not paying huge bills for heat I don’t need

“With your advice, it’s good to know that I’m not paying huge bills for heat I don’t need.”

Mrs R Southbourne

You have been a great company

“You have been a great company to deal with over the years …”

Mr M  Havant

Prompt and efficient response

“We greatly appreciated Matthew’s prompt and efficient response to our call out request.”

Mr F Emsworth

It was your letter that made all the difference

“It was your letter that made all the difference and saved me £600+. Thank you so much.”

Mrs E, Bosham

Thank you for your help

“Thank you for your help. It has already been useful.”

Mr & Mrs L, Emsworth

Many thanks to Robert

“Many thanks to Robert for his helpfulness in answering our questions and friendliness.”

Mr & Mrs Smith, Emsworth

Many thanks to the young guy

“Many thanks to the young guy who did the work; very clean and polite.”

Mr B Clanfield

We are very grateful to Dylan

“We are very grateful to Dylan for his help and welcomed his cheerful, efficient and profession attitude.”

Mr and Mrs F, Emsworth

Thank to the team

“Just today the new boiler installation looks fab – thank to the team.”

Mr A, Milton

Thank you for your very prompt response

“Thank you for your very prompt response to my problem with the boiler.”

Mrs B Bedhampton

Thanks for coming at short notice

“Thanks for coming at short notice …”

Ms J, Emsworth 

We thank you or your prompt assistance

“We thank you for your prompt assistance with our boiler problem, please find cheque enclosed.”

Mr and Mrs R, Emsworth

We thank Matthew very much

“I would further like to add how appreciative my wife and I were of the service provided. It would not have been very pleasant for us to celebrate Christmas without any heating and we thank Matthew very much indeed for coming out to us on Christmas eve.”

Customer, Hampshire

Customer from Clanfield, Hampshire

“I reported a radiator leak, with risk that the ceilings below would be damaged. Taskforce attended within 3 hours…”

Customer from Clanfield, Hampshire

Mr T, Havant, Hampshire

“Taskforce were able to attend within 2 hours, do a temporary fix and return a few days later to fit a new boiler part…”

Mr T, Havant, Hampshire
TaskForce Heating Plumbing

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