Are there problems with your gas cooker or Gas hob?

Here are some tips on what to do:

The most common problem is the ignition failing on a hob. This sounds as if it may be a simple problem to solve, but it involves taking the hob out and diagnosing the fault and parts needed. Then often hob parts take a long time to obtain so in most cases the hob needs to be refitted temporarily. When the parts arrive the hob must be removed again, parts fitted, hob replaced and tested. As you can see, this is a long-winded process taking a lot of engineers’ time, so it can be very costly. Unless the hob is very recent, it is usually more cost-effective to fit a replacement – or simply to use a hand held ignitor to light the hob.

Quite often we find a very poor or non-existent flame on one or more of the burners. This is almost always caused by a blocked jet. We can clear these easily by removing the jet in order to clean it out.

For a few years, the law has required new hobs to be fitted with thermocouples to check that the gas cannot escape unless the hob is lit. These are the type where you have to hold down the knob briefly once the burner is alight. Hob thermocouples are very reliable, but if one fails, the position is much the same as for a hob with failed ignition. Very often it is more cost effective to replace the hob, rather than repair.

Ovens need to be in good condition in order to be safe. The door seals in particular should be checked periodically.

Some gas ovens have thermocouples to ensure that unburnt gas does not build-up, but the majority have ‘flame failure’ devices. When you light these ovens the flame stays low at first, until the flame failure device has warmed up, then the flame grows to its full position. We can, and do, change flame failure devices occasionally, but in many cases the most cost-effective solution is to call the manufacturers to the problem. They know each appliance well and their engineers probably carry all the parts that may be required. So they tend to be quicker – and cheaper. Certainly call them first if the flame is staying low or the oven temperatures seem wrong.

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