2020 has started!

Normally early January is a relatively quiet time for us, but this year is starting with a flurry of all kinds of work.

The Christmas period was busy as always. We seem to have repaired more leaks than normal and we have attended many boiler breakdowns. Plumbing repairs on toilets have also kept us busy. A vital piece of equipment! Some repaired properly, and some temporarily, until now when we can obtain parts, as all the suppliers are open.

We are also fitting new boilers where the old one was just limping through. In most cases we prefer to fit either Vaillant or Worcester. One of the sayings in the trade is “Cheaper boiler – more costly parts and repairs”.

Carla is booking a new batch of Landlord safety inspections. If you are a Landlord remember to ensure that these are done on time to protect yourself from legal risks. We will remind you, but in the end the legal responsibility still falls on you.

So it looks as if we will have a busy 2020. We’re here if you need us.

Our best wishes for a successful and enjoyable year.

Matthew and the Team at Taskforce.


Increase of call outs for 'boiler not working' issues

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