It’s November and we’re busy responding to ‘boiler not working‘ call-outs

This is always a busy time of year with many boiler breakdowns to diagnose and repair so that our customers can maintain the heat and comfort in their homes.

Popular heating problems at the moment are:

Our work seems to have periods of one particular type of work. For some reason gas boiler printed circuit boards have been featuring highly over the last couple of months. At present it seems to be valves on the heating system that are being problematic and creating the ‘boiler not working‘ issue for many customers. On systems with a water cylinder its 2 and 3 port valves, on combi boilers it’s failed diverter valves. These are the valves that send water to either heating, hot water or to both at once.

Common symptoms of heating system valve problems and failure are:

The symptom of a failure is that you become unable to get either hot water or heating, but you can usually get one or the other. It’s often just an electric actuator that turns the valve that fails – a quick and easy job. But when the body of the valve fails we often need to drain part of the system in order to replace it.

Increase of call outs for 'boiler not working' issues

So if you find that you can only get heating or hot water, but not both, get in touch here, or call us on 01243 370880 and we’ll sort it out for you.