Save yourself money. Before you call out an engineer, try these things…..

1. No central heating … could be the room thermostat is not turned up sufficiently?

As the weather changes in the autumn, we feel the cold … even when it isn’t actually very cold. Humans are not very good at assessing how warm it is when its raining! If your heating hasn’t come on, the first step is to turn the room thermostat right up… to 25 or 30 degrees and ensure the heating is set to come on. Then you can be sure the boiler is working, and can turn the thermostat back down to a suitable temperature.

2. Hot water lukewarm …. could be the setting on the boiler for water temperature?

One of the top tips for cutting heating costs which was circulating on the internet during the summer advised people to turn down the flow temperature on the boiler. This is a sound idea, but the result can be that the water is cooler. This hasn’t mattered during the summer, but now it is colder, you may need to strike a balance between the heat you prefer in your water and the saving which can be made.

3. No heating or hot water ……could be low water pressure in the system?

Combi boilers run on closed systems which need to operate at around 1.2 to 1.5 bar. The pressure in the system can be topped up by adding water using the filling loop. This is a simple fix which the user can carry out and does not need a gas engineer. How to do this will be in the boiler manual (or online).

If you have any difficulties with your heating or hot water, call us. We are happy to try to assist you over the phone, and can send an engineer if it’s not something you can do.

If you would like to avoid unexpected bills for the boiler or system ask us about our Total Central Heating Care package for your property. A monthly fee means you don’t pay anything further for breakdowns or servicing, all parts, labour and callouts are covered*.

*Terms and conditions apply

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