If your heating is staying on when you don’t want it, or running all the time, there are several initial checks you can do to try to sort out the problem:

  1. Look at the programmer. Is it set correctly? Not switched to permanently ON (It’s surprising how often helpful friends, relations etc alter the programmer settings!)
  2. Is the programmer clock set correctly (we often find them to be 12 hours out ie midnight is set at 12 am)?
  3. If you have a system with a hot water cylinder look at the valve. Is it making more noise than usual?
  4. Look at the room thermostat and check its setting. Try turning it right down to see whether this makes a difference.

Maybe an issue with a valve?

This type of problem is often caused by a fault with a valve. If there are 2 valves in the airing cupboard (normally grey boxes with a wire running to them) these are prone to failing but leaving the heating (or the hot water) running continuously. See my comments on valves in November 2019. Combi boilers have a similar valve inside the boiler but these rarely if ever leave the heating permanently on.

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